Covid-19 Secure Procedures

Important Information: Rooms at No. Three Covid-19 secure procedures

We are so looking forward to welcoming guests again this month, although it obviously has to be a little different. We are extremely fortunate in having our Rooms at No. Three totally separate to our house, making social distancing and not sharing communal areas easy.

Check In
Please text, email, WhatsApp or ring ahead to let us know what time to expect you (all contact details are listed below).
When you arrive I will have opened the doors to both the bed and breakfast and your room and your sanitised keys will be in the room.

If you are arriving late, or have an early check in and we are not here to open the doors, your sanitised keys will be in one of our two key safes outside our front door. We will obviously have arranged with you before which one and the code.

Your Room
The greatest care has always been taken to ensure the rooms are cleaned to a high standard, please be reassured your room will have been not just cleaned but every surface, lightswitch, handle, sanitised.

Disposable kitchen roll and sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash will be in each room, please help to keep surfaces and your hands clean whilst you are staying. There will be disposable gloves and hand sanitiser at the top of the stairs if you need them.The stair hand rails and door handles will be regularly sanitised.

Instead of duvets and covers which we have always had, We have invested in ‘Night Owl’ duvets and flat sheets which will be washed at 60 degrees every time a guest leaves.

We have always operated breakfast on a room service basis, chosen the night before by filling in a preorder form. To minimise paper contact we ask that you either call us, text, email or WhatsApp your room number, breakfast order and the time you would like your breakfast left on a table outside your room.

We will always respond so that you know we have received your breakfast order – so please check it has been sent or if you haven’t heard back, or send by another route. Sometimes mobile reception is poor, email or WhatsApp 07982 612711 is more reliable… or ring the house phone 01379 852030.

We are still happy to serve breakfast in the courtyard if the weather is lovely, just make sure we know.
We will wear gloves at all times whilst preparing and delivering your breakfast. Cutlery will be left in your room.

Check Out
When you are ready just leave the tray outside on the table for us to take away. If you would like to rinse the plates before we put them in the dishwasher that would be much appreciated.

There will be a zip up bag in your room which we would very much appreciate when you are ready to leave if you could put your used towels, flannels and bathrobes in, thank you.

When you leave please sanitise your room keys and leave them in the room – don’t worry about locking it.

Thank you for reading this important information – hopefully we will all stay well and safe.

For any concerns or enquiries, call us on 01379 852030 (landline) or 07982 612711 (mobile & WhatsApp)

Rooms at No. Three
Chameleon House
3 Redenhall Road
IP20 9EN
Telephone: 01379 852030
Mobile & WhatsApp: 07982 612711